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32bit vs 64bit install (advantages?)

Currently, we have 4_1_6 (32bit) installed. Pondering moving over to 64bit, if it proves beneficial. Can anyone list some benefits/advantages between the 32bit/64bit installations? Also, is there a cheatsheet to “upgrade” to 64bit? Thanks.

The main reason to upgrade would be if you need to allocate more ram to openfire jvm.

the x64 installer will NOT detect the 32bit instance, but you can do the following

  1. stop all openfire services and related programs
  2. create a backup!
  3. did you make a backup?
  4. run the x64 installer. During the installation, manually change the install location to match your current installation.
  5. continue with install
  6. start openfire service.

I think that’s it.


Thanks! I am going to upgrade during this weekend’s maintenance window.