3rd Party Status Update

Is it possible to change the status message of a user without authenticating as that user? The IT department here often needs to change a persons status without them being around to login to do it.

Hey Dianoga,

I’'m not sure what you are asking. Do you need to change the presence status of another user from the admin console? E.g. User1 is logged and his presence status is Away. Would you like to change his status to “Extended Away”? Would you also like to prevent User1 to change this presence status again from his client?

It would help if you provide a use case so we can propose some specific solution.


– Gato

We used to use a client that could report the status of any member of the IT Department (Where they were and when they left). Example: Network Admin is at Prall - 10:30.

This status could be updated by anyone with access to the server. So, if our Network Admin called in and said he was going to the Commons, someone could change it for him. We would like to be able to do the same type of thing with Wildfire. If we knew where the status was stored, we could write a php script that would change it. Something outside of the admin site would be ideal as it would allow us to recreate a similar dispaly to what we had before.

So we need to be able to change their status message and they also need to be able to change their own.

Does that make more sense?


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Anyone have any ideas on this?

what kind of client do your users connect with?

if you have a custom client - i.e. you have the source - you could attempt the following:

  • write an interceptor on the client to pick up “status override” messages

  • write a script to publish a “status override” message to the person whose status you want to change

  • when the interceptor gets the message, it could then publish a presence change


That may be doable. We are using a variety of clients at the moment so I was hoping for something I could do server side.


as far as I know Wildfire does not store this information in the database as it is volatile.

So it may be possible to extend the /session-summary.jsp page and create a new plugin so one can view and edit the resource and also the status message.