4.0.1 strange Active Directory login problem


I installed openfire 4.0.1 on an ubuntu server.

Then decided to make it work with my AD domain.

I started to configure…

BaseDN= ou=Accounts,dc=mydomain,dc=“net”

and Administrator DN as


tested successfully, saved and next step.

username field: sAMAccountName

user filter: (objectClass=organizationalPerson)

tested and able to see users…

next step.

group filter


I saw all users,

After finishing setup…

I was able to see all users in users field…

and set my own user as admin to openfire…

Then i was able to login with my account to webgui of openfire…

But… whenever i try to login to openfire with spark client… i get unknown username password error…

not only me… no AD users can able to login.

What can be the problem?

Your group filter doesn’t look right, but that should prevent you from signing in if your user filter is correct.

You should be able to sign in without issue. what are you using as your username? admin or admin@mydomain.net?

also be sure port 5222 isn’t blocked. a simple test would be to use telnet over 5222 from a workstation to the server to see if you can connect.