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4.0.2 openfire increase java memory

hello right now I have openfire 4.0.2 server and my users are disconnected randomly, is that the problem could be the amount of java memory that is allocated to the application but can not find the file modification as in previous versions, if someone could help me, thanks in advance

Java Memory modifications are done the same as in the previous versions. Read the Custom Parameters part Openfire: Installation Guide

hi thanks for reply I have a question about the creation of the file openfire.vmoptions is a guide on the syntax of this?

In the link i gave you there is an example:



That’s the only syntax.

What is the maximum number I can use instead of -Xmx1024m. Right now I am using 1536 and Java memory is 98%

I don’t know exactly with 32-bit java, but not much. If you need more i suggest switching to 64-bit Openfire with 64-bit java (you can upgrade32-bit to 64-bit installing on top). Although, 98% doesn’t say much. JVM alway uses as much memory as possible. If you are not getting out of memory errors, then it is fine. Refresh Admin Console first page every second and you will see how it constantly changes.

It is concerning because Java Memory is staying consistent right now at 98 to 99.9 % each time I refresh it. The last few days, we have had to restart Openfire a couple of times a day because no one can use it. I do not see anything in the logs that relates to this going down. Any ideas?

Maybe your system locks up so hard it couldn’t write errors into logs. But usually there should be OOM (out of memory) errors. If it stays that high all the time, then i guess you can increase it. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/hotspotfaq-138619.html#gc_heap_32bit it says it is 1.4-1.6 on 32-bit systems and maybe you can go up to 4 if OS is 64-bit. So you can experiment with Xmx value. If Openfire doesn’t start, then the value is too big. If you want to have more memory for JVM, switch to 64-bit Openfire.