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4.6.2 Group membership wackyness

In Adding a new room , trying to set permissions.
Room perms, its has the owner, thats all fine, but setting the dropdown to “member” and clicking on the group name

 User/Group added successfully.

but down below where it lists the goodies, it says

Room Members
No Users or Groups

but if I enter in a name it adds and shows.

Basically, I have members in a group called support, and trying to setup a room “support” so all the support group (support staff + managers) can join and nobody else, but it wont add the group in room members, or perhaps it is but just not showing the group for some reason?

Room Options
 List Room in Directory ,yes
 Make Room Moderated …no
 Make Room Members-only …yes
 Allow Occupants to invite Others ,no
 Allow Occupants to change Subject …no
 Only login with registered nickname …yes
 Allow Occupants to change nicknames …no
 Allow Users to register with the room …no
 Log Room Conversations …yes

also have not set a room password since I gather its not needed - if it ever takes the members as group support that is