404 page not found when click to "add new registration"

In the Gateway Registration page if I try to add a new registration I get a

Error 404 NOT_FOUND




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Sounds to me like the gateway plugin did not fully install correctly. I would completely remove the plugin jar file and the folder it created. Then re-install the plugin.

I did it, but it’s the same again. If I use Firefox or Opera and I click to “add new registration” nothing happen.

If I use IE 7 I get “Error on page”

Line: 158
Char: 53
Error: Expected ';'
Code: 0
URL: http://server:9090/plugins/gateway/gateway-registrations.jsp

What version of openfire, os of the server, version of the plugin?

Openfire 3.6.0a (even if tell me it still is 3.6.0) onto a Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2, IM Gateway plugin 1.2.4d.

One strange thing, the Gateway Options page is in italian language even if the server and the client are in english. Only the regional options are setting to italian

SOLVED. I removed the file gateway_i18n_it.properties under \plugins\gateway\i18n. Now the page is in english and it works.