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503 error from server?!

I’'m working on a simple implementation of OOB. I extended IQ with OutOfBandData and overrode the getChildElementXML() w/ the elements in JEP-0096.

This afternoon, I was sending my jabber:iq:oob packets and could pull the URL out and print it in the other client. then I moved some code around and now my packets seem to be bouncing back from the server (Jive Messenger) w/ a 503 error.

I compose my OutOfBandData iq and it looks like this when the XMPPConnection puts it on the queue:


candidate@crossfire never gets this message, however, proctor@crossfire is now parsing an error message it appears to have received from itself. The stream in the parser looks like this:

<?xml version=''1.0'' encoding=''utf-8''?>

<stream:stream xmlns:stream=“http://etherx.jabber.org/streams

xmlns=“jabber:client” from=“CROSSFIRE” id=“da9fe5f5”>


<iq from=“proctor@CROSSFIRE/Smack” to=“proctor@CROSSFIRE/Smack”

id=“pTxdt-1” type=“result”>

<iq from=“proctor@CROSSFIRE/Smack” to=“candidate@CROSSFIRE” id=“pTxdt-4”



My XML seems ok and it appeared to work earlier this evening (of course we all say that). The error doesn’‘t appear to be generated anywhere in the smack library. I’‘ve put a breakpoint on the setError method on packet and it never gets called. The only thing I can think of is that the server is bouncing the message back at me. I can send other messages before and after this one w/o trouble. Those are of type Message though so maybe that’'s the difference.

Any thoughts?




I’'m not sure which version of Jive Messenger you are using. When sending an IQ to another client you should specify the full JID (i.e. include the resource) otherwise the server will bounce back the IQ packet with an error.

Let me know if the problem still persists.


– Gato

That was the problem. Thank you very, very much. Interestingly, I wasn’‘t logged in with a resource on either end. So a resource appears to be required when sending an IQ packet. Is that part of the standard? I’‘ll be able to work with it, of course, but I’'m kind of surprised. I think I need to read more about how resources are used.

Oh, and I’'m using the current release at http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/InstData/Linux/VM/jive_messenger_1_1.bin

Thanks again.


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Hey Doug,

Yes. It’‘s part of the XMPP spec. Previous versions of Messenger didn’'t implement this feature but we do now.


– Gato