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6/29 Chat Transcript

I apologize for the delay in getting last week’‘s chat transcript up, but it’‘s attached! I wasn’'t there for the chat, so if someone that was there wants to provide more insight into what was discussed, please post a follow-up.



Wasnt there too, but i have read, so some summary by me

  • DDMAN introduced some improvements in plugin development, which will make such work more easier and faster

  • Gato confirmed JWChat is working fine with Jive Messenger

  • Jive Messenger is now following 81% of XMPP specs! (highest score among Open Source servers)

  • Gateway development and various transports testing were discussed

So, this will do

Regarding “81% of XMPP specs”:

Actually, it’'s 81% of XMPP features[/b] that are listed on the Jabber.org server comparison pages. They list more than just XMPP protocol spec support (like database support and the amount of documentation for the server).

While JM does have a lot of very cool features, it does not fully comply with the two primary XMPP RFCs. From XMPP-Core, we’‘re missing TLS (no JIRA issue?), SASL and Resource Binding (JM-7). From XMPP-IM, we’'re missing Privacy Rules (JM-102).

JM2.2 is definately closer with the addition of s2s support, and I hear that SASL is on the radar for the 2.2 series. If JM completely supported the two RFCs, we’'d get close to a 96% rating on Jabber.org.

There’‘s actually a Summer of Code project that was approved to add SASL and TLS support to Jive Messenger. So, hopefully we’'ll see the fruits of that quite soon.