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#6 Adding certificates to the truststore

Hello ,

Github’s pull request of this week included options for adding certificates to the Truststore. Over week I have made long way updating it as initially it was asking user for alias for certificate which he wants to store. Currently it take common name (CN) from subject field of certificate and use it as alias. I also added checking if certificate doesn’t exist in Keystore to prevent having many copies of the same certificate (though user can still add copy of certificates with third party tools as Java Keytool or OpenVPN).

Overall creating GUI can be time consuming if someone want make it nice looking and easy to use for end user . The biggest issue with graphic interface that I have meet is that it looks sometimes different on different computers. While I PR something what looked for me like this:

Maybe not totally perfect, some work still will be done here (as adding delete button and fields saying if certificate is valid). But it’s look far better than thing that my mentor saw:

That spacing at top looks odd and also makes scroll pane with certificates fields smaller . Earlier there were also issues with missing labels. That means there will be need for excessive testing of that GUI with different OS/computers. That’s also nice surprise for me as I thought Java should work to quite nice extend independently from platform. Well it was even Java’s slogan .

For next week I plan to add option to delete certificate as well as take final steps to display certificate extensions.

See you next week,



Does it look messed up on your computer if you select the default skin for Spark? I’d imagine this has more to do with the Spark skin than the OS.
Your UI looks pretty good in your first screenshot, though there are some grammar errors in the text on top. It should be, “This is the certificate you are trying add to the Truststore.” in the first line and, “If you are sure that you want to add this certificate, click the OK button.” in the last line.

Hey, thank you for comment.

I was checking it with different skins but it was still looking good for me. Fortunately I solved this problem by changing a bit of code but there is still some chance that similar things will happen on some computers/OS.

Thank you for hints about grammar, english isn’t my first language so sometimes I make such errors. Spark have easy to use language internationalization files so it’s always easy to correct when someone catch that.