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8/31 Chat Transcript

Hi all,

Thanks for joining the chat today! I couldn’'t make it myself, so Gato provided the following summary:

  • Mentioned that GoogleTalk will support open s2s federation though not immediately

  • Discussed a roster exploit with unexpected presence stanzas of type “subscribed” (JM-384)

  • Explained how JM handles direct presences

  • Mentioned new JM plans that include JM 2.2.1 out this week and JM 2.3.0 beta probably next week

Hope to see you all next week for the chat!



Could this PDF file be corrupted? Acrobat Reader gives me "File does not begin with ‘’%PDF-’’ and quits. The transcript of last weeks chat worked fine.

I just tried the PDF and it seems to work. Anyone else having problems?




Not working for me. I get the same error from Firefox and a nice freeze from IE.


– Gato

when i try to open in the firefox it don’'t open and no errors messages either. but when i try to “save link as” it saves without problem to my pc…