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99% CPU usage with Wildfire 2.5.0

I keep having a problem where every 12-20 hours, the JVM shoots up to 99% CPU usage for Wildfire, and basically causes my server to just kill itself. If I let it go it’‘ll eventually become unresponsive and have to be rebooted. I’‘ve seen an earlier thread about this and tried a few of the suggestions (like disabling the SSL admin port), as well as checking the memory usage from within the Wildfire admin console, but that didn’‘t seem to help (and memory was only 7MB of the 64MB alotted). So, any ideas? The machine is running FC4 with Sun’‘s JDK 1.5. Unfortunately I can’'t really get to the errors because I have to kill the server when it happens.


Hey MysticOne,

The problem is related to failed SASL authentications and it has been fixed in JM-569. You may want to update to the latest nightly build since there is no way to disable the SASL authentication from the server side. If you want to confirm that the SASL code is the reason of the problem you may want to get a thread dump of the server while the CPU is > 90%.


– Gato

Ohhhhh, okay. I see. Hmmm, I wonder how I missed that? Thanks! That sounds exactly like the problem.