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A classic Welcome thread :)

[/nobr]Welcome all to this new forum

What Are Sparkplugs?[/b]

Matt gave a very detailed description here .

Where can I download Sparkplugs?[/b]

Sparkplugs can be downloaded within Spark (Menu Spark, Plugins).

Spark 1.1.0 requires a direct internet connection for download, proxy settings are ignored.

“Translator Plugin” is the only available plugin, for translataion it uses a proxy.

Does SparkManager also manage the plugins?[/b]


How do I start writing my own plugin?[/b]

Sparkplug Developer Kit

Where can I download the source of other plugins?[/b]

Downloads should be the right address. Currently no plugins are available.


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Installing Translator if Spark 1.1.1 or prior has no direct internet connection. Spark 1.1.2 (not yet available) includes the fix SPARK-225 and uses the proxy.

  1. Close Spark.

  2. Download http://www.jivesoftware.org/updater/sparkplugs/translator.jar and save it as %programfiles%\Spark\plugins\translator.jar

  3. Start Spark

More plugins[/b]

Transfer Guard

Adds the ability to automatically reject file transfers based on preference configuration



Notification Enhancements, Popups for either every new message or based on keywords


so, maybe it’'s a time for devs to set up a page for plugins?

Could be, but I think instead they have chosen to put any new “production-quality” plugins in the Spark > Plugins > Available repository.


i was assuming that, i see JBother is using this too, but for scale deployment i would like to have plugins in one place (like with Wildfire) for offline install.

Makes sense to me.

For now though, as I am sure you are aware (but this is for others who might look at the forum), you can install the plugin from within Spark, then browse to the spark folder \plugins, and take the .jar file (without needing the folder of the same name) that corresponds to the plugin out of there. You can then use it for scale deployment to your heart’'s content.


Some of us are inside a secured LAN, letting spark contact internet will be a security issue.

Has it be considered to implement the spark manager plugin so it deals also with the plugins?

( Spark could search first on the server then on the web)

What do you think?