A default group with all users?

Dear wildfirers,

I have LDAP auth working for my users.

I like the functionality of groups, with the populated roster in the IM client, however I would like to make a roster with every users in. I can’'t do that with my LDAP config at present.

my users in LDAP like:

dn: uid=$The specified item was not found.

gidNumber: 1000

which is like the gid set in /etc/passwd

other groups are such:

dn: cn=admin,ou=Groups,dc=whatever

cn: admin

gidNumber: 1001

memberUid: gandalf

memberUid: homer

this is like


in /etc/group.

So the only group with ALL users in is gidNumber: 1000, which doesn’'t have any memberUid attributes. All users are in this primary group already.

If I build a group, and put all my users in it, and use the posixMode=true, it works fine.

But I’'d rather not create a group with everybody in it just for this, is there a cheat whereby I can get ALL my users in the roster…