A few issues

A few issues that I didn’'t think were worth putting into JIRA:

  • The server doesn’'t report the version correctly. This is verified by finding in the source that the version is hardcoded with “1.0.0-a1-001”. You may want to use a version class very similar to the one in Jive Forums instead.

  • The license file seems like it should be in the config subdirectory instead of its current placement.

  • I forgot to install my database locally. My error logs were then littered with messages like:

“Internal server error, please report to Jive Software (www.jivesoftware.com)”

I highly recommend that we not include any error messages like that in the product. Instead, just let a NullPointer or something else show. Users should get the idea when they see the database errors in their log first. We may also want to add a special startup check for database properties being set in the config file. If they’‘re not set, you could throw an exception at server startup and shut things down. This probably won’'t be necessary when the setup tool is working. In that case, you can have a check to see if setup has been run yet or not. When not, you could prevent the server core from starting up until setup has been run.



Good suggestions. I’'ll try and make the changes in alpha 4 if I can get a current and persistent bug out before end of day.