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A few Users Arent Listed, how to fix?

I’'ve got 2.2.2 installed and have all my groups setup in AD. Everything seems to work fine at this point, but I have a few users that are part of groups and these few users arent listed in the contact list no matter what client I use.

Anyone know what the problem might be?


This only seems to happen with older domain accounts.

What makes them different then the group your in, whats different about the group.

You ask us to tell you the difference between two cars but havent told us what cars.

More details please


Thats what I’‘m trying to figure out. The user domain permissions are fine, the accounts in general are fine, they’'re added to the appropriate Jive Group. They show up under the user list of Jive Messenger, but not on the Pandion client or any other client for that matter.

I figured it out. Turns out some of the older accounts in the domain had logon names beginning with a capital letter, renaming the logon name to be all lower case fixed it.

Glad to hear.