A filter for message history in MUC

I would like to make a filter for all the history traffic in a MUC. I notice that Spark can do this as it displays message history in grey color and new messages in black/color. Is this functionallity provided though Smack? Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.

adrian armold

Hi Adrian,

as far as I understand this the server sends some (default 25) messages (configured here if you are using Wildfire /muc-history-settings.jsp) as history. I did not use the Spark XMPP debugger, but I assume that some values are set so every client can detect them as history.


it2000 is correct. You’'ll want to look at the packets for a timestamp which indicates that they are in fact from the message history.

thanks for the help…I ended up just accepting no history on joining the room.