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A highly requested feature is about to come true

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Should I say more? I will create another blog post with detailed information when we push out the final release. Stay tuned.

– Gato

Is there anything we can do for it

Thank you so much. We are all waiting for this feature

Go Openfire!

Go Gato!

I still dont believe it, until it released Hm… wonder what’s the cause that i cant have a normal svn build anymore.

I’m confused… will we need to shell out thousands for coherence?

Our clustering implementation relies on Oracle Coherence. That was the main reason why we were not making it open source. We had lots of requests to make it open source (our code) so that people can go and get an Oracle Coherence license from Oracle to use this module.

I know that there were a few other clustering implementations being made by community members. They can now check out our code in case they had some questions about how we implemented some things.

We hope this initiative will give the community more choices when they need to have a clustered solution.


– Gato

This is great news…I will be waiting for detailed information. This will be simply awesome.

This is great news Gato. I am hoping to get a chance to checkout your code later today to see how the implementation we are working on stacks up against ignite’s, as well as to hopefully lead us to fixing some of our defects faster than we would have been able to prior to this.

Also work continues on the JbossCache/Groups clustering plugin. Find more information here:


The implementation is opensourced and free. We are also looking for people willing to contribute to the project to help us get finished up.



These are wonderful news! I’ve been thinking about implementing my own cluster imitating solution for work but this sounds like I won’t have to! Any chance to see some details what would it take to integrate a solution based on this plugin? Which Coherence product will be the most suitable for this?

can’t waiting next release day