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A lot of preferences missing


We have decided to test Spark and the Openfire software on our network, but I am having a problem on about 2/3 clients.

On a couple I get all the preferences available, but on most the Appearance, Sounds & Notifications tabs are completely missing and I cannot set the options I require, specifically the “Bring window to front” option. The plugins option is also missing from the Spark menu. I have no idea why his is happening. I have a look at the file spark.properties in “c:\documents and settings\myaccount\spark” and compared it to one on another machine and they both differ in the fact that the one with the missing tabs is also missing a lot of prefences from this file, e.g the “windowTakesFocus=true” line is missing.

I was wondering if there was a way to resolve this without manually editing everyones properties file?

Also, out of curiosity, what is a toast popup?

Thank you

I would say that there is a possibility that the install is faulty, or that the users settings did not create successfully. The simplest test would be to delete the spark folder from a user’s directory that is having a problem. Then relaunch spark and see if it has all the preferences. Worst case unistall and reinstall spark entirely including removing residual directories after the unistall process.

You can also try to launch that client with admin rights once (if this is limited rights environment).

Toast popup is a small window “toasting” or popping up near the system clock. It could notify about new messages, files, contacts coming online or offline.


Thanks for the reply.

Closing Spark, deleting the folder and then opening Spark again worked.


Thanks for explanation of a what a toast popup is