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A new question

i use Exodus login.

in admin console,i created several groups.i del/add users to these groups constantly.sometimes,after several this kind of operate,client can not show the changes correctly.


Because Wildfire is using a cache for such operations and it’'s not updating at once always. Sometimes you have to wait for an hour or like. But, more often this can be an Exodus issue. Just try to restart Exodus. Sometimes after deleting users Exodus is moving them to Unfilled group. Restarting of Exodus fixes this.

Actually, this doesn’‘t have anything to do with cache. If you do group operations in the admin console, the cache will be updated immediately. The only thing case that cache affects is when you are using LDAP groups and update the group in LDAP – Wildfire won’'t see that change until its cache expires.

It’'s hard to say if this is a Wildfire or Exodus issue without more details. A few ways to test:

  1. See if you can duplicate the same behavior in other clients.

  2. If you’'re comfortable looking at XMPP packets, use the Exodus debugger to make sure that Wildfire is sending the right info over the wire.