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A novice question about how to deploy an own openfire server?

Hello, does anybody know how to get started if I wanna deploy an own openfire server like the available servers list(say “12jabber.com.”) so that the users can create a new account through my server by entering the server name in spark client. I already saw the installation guide but still have no hint to deploy it. any hint will be okay I think. It’'s a novice question though.

Wish everybody have a good day.


Do you really read the installation guide?

  • you will need is a server which is accessible from the Internet. A normal V-Server should be enough for a small jabber-Server.

  • a MySQL-Database installed on this server, not required but useful. (see database guide)

  • Openfire


Hello, thank you for reply. I got a problem when I intended to set up a Oracle database for openfire sever. Do you know how to solve the problem.

my message: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=27381&tstart=0

Thanks a million?