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A problem about using Exodus as a client with WIldfire as a server!


I am a freshman at the field of Jabber,so i think my question seems simple for you.However,I hope I could get help from kind man.

I want to make a Jabber IM System with Exodus and Wildfire,but what shold I fill in the blank of resource when I want to land through Exodus(connecting to the Wildfire)?

And how should I configure the Wildfire according to the resource?

I have fill the server name in the item of server on the Login dialog,the server name i fill in is the domain name I got from the management webpage of Wildfire,is it OK?

Thanks a lot for your time!!

The Resource is somewhat arbitrary. It can be “Home” or “Office” or “Acme” or “Kadoodlehopper” – it really doesn’'t matter. Resources similar to “profiles.” A user can have different profiles depending on where they are logging in from so they will see different contacts.

Dear hrothgar ;

Thank you for you explaination,but i am still doubtful about that how should I configure the Wildfire according to the resource?

Could I fill the blank of resource with the resource name(e.g.home)which i like?

Hey LavenderSs,

To add to Cameron’‘s comment, there is no need to configure the server regarding client resources. A resource is some identifier for the user that is connecting. In XMPP a user may be logged from many places at the same time. And the way to identify each connection is by its resource. For instance, you can be logged into the server from your Home[/i] and from your Work[/i]. The server doesn’'t really care the text that you are using as your resource. Users MUST specify a resource while logging in. If the user tries to use the same resource from different clients at the same time then the server can be configured to kick the old connection (default behaviour) or to deny the new connection. Log into the admin console and click on “Resource Policy” to see the whole list of options.

Hope that helps.


– Gato

huh, was excited to see “Exodus” in thread title, but it seems all discussed issues are common to most clients and there is no problems with Exodus at all

Actually, Resource field can be useful to determine what clients are your users using. Of course this can be spoofed. Well, in my network i just leave the default one “Exodus”.

Anyway, are you having any problems with logining to your server with Exodus, chatting or else?

Dear Gato,wroot:

Your answers are extremely helpful for me and have deepened my comprehension about Jabber .But i still failed in the connection between Exodus and Wildfire successfully.

I just filled the server name showed in the Wildfire Admin Console(e.g. ibm) in the field of server on the login window of Exodus,but it didn’‘t work yet,that is,it couldn’'t connect to the server(whatever account i create in the admin console or Exodus).I think the problem is maybe some wrong network configuration in my PC.What do i have to pay attention to for configering the network in the process of building this IM system??

I really appreciate your help!!

Exodus account dialog doesnt have Server field in it. There is jabber ID field. You have to enter username@servername or username@server_IP here.

This KB doc http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/entry.jspa?externalID=452&categoryID=22 is about adding contacts, but is the same for logining.

If you have specified server name as ibm so you should enter username@ibm in Jabber ID field. But, this server name should be resolvable (known) by network/internet computers you are trying to login from. These are achieved with DNS records. In local network you can edit hosts file in every computer manually also. Resolving means retrieving real IP address of server out of specified name.

The simpliest way is of course specifying IP of the server. So as example you would use username@ Or better, Specify username@ibm and on the next tab (“Connection”) uncheck “Automaticly discover host and port” and put in host field. This is as i do in my local network, because we dont have DNS and i dont want to edit hosts files manually on every PC.

If you dont use shared groups and your clients will be adding contacts to their rosters manually they will have to use IP too. And this doesnt look nice. So if you dont have DNS you would probably want to edit their hosts files. In Windows XP yiu can find it in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc

just add ibm

in every client’'s PC hosts file.

So, then that PC will know what the real address stands for “ibm”.

P.S. is just an example, you should find out IP address of PC you have installed Wildfire on. And sorry if i went to far in details