A question of Component Connection

My component base on agsXMPP, I can connect to the wildfire(3.0.1) if that is the first connection.

But, when I try to connect to the server again, I am failed.

XML stream as following.



The stream be closed by the server.

If I change my component name (for example: change agsComponent4 to agsComponent5’’), the connection will be successful.

Who can tell me why? Thanks for any help.

Hey monkey-king,

You can turn on the debug log to monitor the process when external components connect to the server. Do you see any error in the log files?


– Gato

I’'m wondering… could it be that you connect to other Jabber server and not Wildfire? … because I suppose Wildfire will return on success, not <handshake xmlns=’‘jabber:component:accept’’/>.

thanks for you help.

I found that the new component domain already taken by the old component.

Wildfire not to release the closed component’'s domain.

How to solve this problem?

In my Component, I use agsXMPP’'s close method.

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