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(a)Smack 4.0.0 released

5 months after the relase of Smack 3.4.1 the Ignite Realtime developer community is proud to annouce the first release of Smack 4, which marks a milestone in the development history of Smack. Smack has undergone a major overhaul and refactoring, including moving from Ant to Gradle and from SVN to git.

**Smack 4 also **includes security related fixes. Users are encouraged to update as soon as possible.

Many people have helped to develop this release. We especially would like to thank

  • Ryan Sleevi of the Google Chrome Security Team for reporting a **security flaw in ServerTrustManager **(SMACK-410)

  • Thijs Alkemad for reporting a security flaw regarding IQ spoofing (SMACK-533, SMACk-538)

  • Lars Noschinski for fixing the IQ spoofing flaws and adding support for roster versioning (SMACK-399)

  • Jens Offenbach for helping making Smack an **OSGi **bundle (SMACK-343)

Since the API has changed in Smack 4, make sure to read the “Smack 4.0 Readme and Upgrade Guide”. A full changelog can be found in JIRA.


Can smack 4.0 be installed in windows os?

readme that says (like before) use smack.jar and smackx.jar

including 4.1 alpha snapshots.
This has been fixed in the 4.0 branch and will therefore be fixed in Smack 4.0.1

Also the linked upgrade guide in the blog post goes to a non existant page.

The link works for me. Where did you find the link exaclty? Where does it point to? Note that the upgrade guide is also linked in this particular blog post.

And existing code won’t build (I fail at can’t instantiate XMPPConnection).
Because Smack 4 is a new major release. You will have to make changes for the new API.

why don’t develop asmack and smack together?

That’s already the case for the 4.1 branch.

Is it correct that starting with Smack 4.0.0 you require Java 7 at least?

Smack 3.x needed Java 6, only.

If so, that would be a valuable information to have in the release announcement.