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A way to retrieve external data

Hi again everybody,

i’'m searching for ways to retrieve external information (e.g. a php page which submits something) in my plugin.

In the most threads in this forum is mentioned to register the plugin as a component … but i’'ve still no clue what this means or how to do it (i wish my c++ back ;).

It would be really nice if somebody could help me out of this or maybe there is a good documentation for it ?


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Hi Galeon,

Were you looking to retrieve the information from Messenger via an http request? If so, take a look at how the PresenceStatusServlet from the presence plugin works.

Hope that helps,


Hi Ryan,

thanks for you’'re answer.

I was looking for a few ways, to see what kind of choices I have to communicate with my plugin.

At the moment it’'s registered as a component (yes, i figured it out and so there is a way for me to “talk” with it.

But more interesting for me is now how I can “bind” the plugin to a special user and set the online status.

The background is, that i’'m trying to replace my currently PHP-based bots with a java plugin.