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About database setup for ldap

What kind of database settings need to be set for AD?

( external or embedded database, if external what parametars goes there)

Is it posible to use other account for login to Admin console, I mean domain account?

I am trying to set LDAP Wildfire for AD but without succes obviously.


Novice to Wildfire and LDAP


the database has nothing to do with LDAP, so you can use the one you like.

You may edit conf/wildfire.xml and put haris@domain.tld in the authorizedusers tag (please check the wildfire.xml file for the right syntax - there is an LDAP demo section which is commented by default, but I assume you did already remove after) - you don’'t need an account with special rights. Also the account you specify during setup just needs to be able to browse the AD as Wildfire does not modify it, it just reads.


Thnx for answer,

but I still have problem trying to connect on the Admin console of Wildfire.

That happened after I’'d removed <–! ldap --> and configure parameters.

(I read many posts on this forum and I’'ve done that procedures but without succes)

I will try to follow Wildfire log on Monday.

Thank you anyway.

yeah, after you setup ldap, and if it’‘s working right the wildfire server starts looking in LDAP for a user called admin. That’‘s why you can’'t login any longer.

Put a user name in the authorizedUsernames section and remove the comments from it, restart the server and try again with the username you put in the authorizedUsernames section.

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thank you,

your advice was very valuable to me.

It is working now. I have problems with Spark and Groups, but step-by-step