About External Component?

Hi all,

I am new to wildfire. I want to use the JMC component and PyMSNt transport. But I don’'t know which port wildfire 3.0.1 communicates with the external component. Could you tell me? And do you have an example of external component in WildFire project?

Thank you


He Qi

Hi He Qi, ni hou ma?

By default, Wildfire uses port 10015 for external components to connect, but it is disabled. However, you can enable it and change the port in Wildfire Administration Console. It is under External Component link in the sidebar for the Server tab.

There is no sample of external component in Wildfire project. However, there are a lot of open source components written in various language that you could find as a sample/example, which also include PyMSNt. As long as you implement JEP-0114, it should work.

For your info, MSN, Yahoo, etc. gateway will be embeded in the upcoming release of Wildfire 3.1 this Sept 7 as internal components. If you can’'t wait, you may download the nightly built version.

Sufficient! Thank you