About fast or slow load chat

When my user login into server (i create my own web-application for chat), i’m redirect him to “all_online” group chat. Then he get first - presence stanzas from all ppl from chat group, and second - get presence from all ppl personal presence…is this double burden(google translate word ^.^) on the server? If i will have…for example 500ppl online? =)) chat will loading several minets?

when i login, thousands of packets go to every contact, this create a huge demand of bandwith…
and off course, important delay of time.

I don’t know the cause of the problem, 65+ users online - 70 % used memory - spark 2.63 - openfire 3.71, CentOS - google translate too .

haw many memory u have on server?

2 cores, 1 gb for the server ( 256 mb for java - 70% used), all users have spark 2.63. I use iptraf to monitor the traffic, check what happen when a user login starts.

thanks alot =)) naw i’m only write my web-chat modyle, but when i will finish and buy server - i will know future parametris of my server =)