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About groups

Our old implementation of chat client was using XIFF 3 beta. I am now migrating this to XIFF trunk. The Roster used to provide us with the user’s buddy groups. This way, we had a grid with the groups, and with the onClick event on a group, we loaded the contacts on that group and displayed them on a different grid.

I’m trying to figure out how to do this implementation on XIFF trunk. I already managed to show all the contacts with the roster as a DataProvider, but haven’t been able to show groups. Now the Roster only provides groups once the contacts are loaded by getting containing groups of a RosterItemVO.

One solution that came to mind was:
Once all the contacts were loaded, check those contact’s groups with roster.getContainingGroups() and check if I’m already displaying them and display them. But this sounds kind of too much for something that used to be implemented into Roster.

I tried looking for the Roster code on the beta, but haven’t been able to find it, to see if I can work something out with the new roster. Is there something that still needs to be implemented on the newest version of Roster? Some specification which hasn’t been worked on yet?