About hazelcast plugin


I’m testing my PluginClassloader pr.

I try start hazelcast plugin but not work .

In hazelcast AbstractXmlConfigHelper will call

TransformerFactory.newInstance().newTransformer().transform(xmlSource, outputTarget);

then I will got java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/xml/serializer/TreeWalker exception.

I’m not sure is PluginClassloader the reason or something.

How to fix it ?

Which PR are you referring to?

The Hazelcast plugin integrates deeply with the Openfire core to provide low-level support for object serialization, caching, etc. We need to be very careful with changes to the PluginClassLoader, including extensive testing to ensure that existing plugins are not adversely affected.

Add PluginClassLoader plugin loader isolation mechanism · igniterealtime/Openfire@ac47610 · GitHub

Fix PluginClassLoader load resource path issue commit:8a4fc5071be2ab… · igniterealtime/Openfire@ee30e18 · GitHub

I want to achieve a new cluster support plugin use apache ignite.

And Openfire can chose witch plugin to support clustering.

First I need support plugins resources classes can isolate ,to ensure the clusteredCacheFactoryStrategy may have implemented in different plugin.

Second is Admin manager page can chose plugin to start clustering

Then create apache ignite clustering plugin Apache Ignite

My email is ydswcy513@gmail.com,I hope we can e-mail communication.

A user reports problems with plugins and suspects your second PR (last message Can’t run the latest source after building in Eclipse (SLF4J) )