About idle


when I make logout and login later known that precedentementi users in “Idle” they are all absent from 5 minutes.


Don’t understand you. Try again. Maybe try to explain it with more sentences, examples, screenshots.

Hello Wroot,

I use as client Pidgin and Openfire 4.0.2.

As long as you remain connected and a user goes idle I see how much time is absent.

If I log out and return to see all users absent the “Idle from 5 minutes”

I believe XEP-0012: Last Activity is the client side feature, so Openfire has nothing to do here.

When Spark client is idle, Pidgin reports idle time correctly even when i restart Pidgin.

When Pidgin client is idle, Spark reports its idle time correctly even when i restart Spark.

When Pidgin client is idle, another Pidgin client reports idle time correctly until restarted. Then it shows 5 mins. It seems like a Pidgin bug to me. Pidgin is reporting wrong idle time to another Pidgin client.