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About shared groups bug report


this is a bug about shared groups.i add 20 share groups in jivemessenger. In admin console’‘s ‘‘Edit Group’’ column,i choice ‘‘Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups’’,When I selected 20 groups in the frame , click to ‘‘save settings’’ , there is not any response. But I only choose 10 groups among them to save success. it is a problem that rather than 15 of group is chosen to save, the function is unable to finish.

Hey tom,

I tried to reproduce the problem but it worked fine for me. Could you check the logs for any error? It would be great if you can give me the steps to follow (and maybe the name of the groups) in order to reproduce the problem.


– Gato

it isn’‘t the logs for any error,only jsp page is can’'t response in ‘‘save settings’’,

the steps as follow:

1,new add 20 share groups in admin console.example for ‘‘G1,G2,…,G20’’

2,In G1’‘s ‘‘edit group’’ column,choice’‘Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups: ‘’,then i selected 20 groups in share group list box ,click to ‘‘save settings’’,jsp page isn’‘t any response.when i selected 10 groups in share group list box,i can save settings.this is say i save more than 10 groups in share groups list box,jsp page can’'t response my save settings.