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About "Voice Call" problem


Note: Spark2.5.4 runs on the Apple Computer has this question, but Spark2.5.4 runs on the PC computer does not have the question.

When the user initiates Voice the Call conversation, system prompt establishment conversation, when conversation establishment, the Spark2.5.4 apple software accident exits.

This question appears in mac in the os x platform, but also has mac os x for in the x86 platform.

We cannot solve this problem, needs the Spark technical support personnel to solve this problem.


Hello I have an AsteriskWin32-in Openfire server with IM to IM phoning if you would like to test out your mac spark on my server with me as I would like to have the mac messenger on my server I would like to try windows to mac and mac to windows voice calling.If you are willing to try this out log your mac spark user name test password test

server Kingshomeworld.com contact me ID: bruce@kingshomeworld.com

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Sounds like this is another confirmation of OSX / Spark crashing on VOIP start (my post about it : http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=27952&tstart=0 )