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AC feature request: Send Message (to All users)

Ok, now in AC (Sessions tab) i can send message to all online users. And sometimes i want to send(or broadcast) message to whole user list. I’‘m using Exodus with many nested groups. Ctrl+A not working with roster, i can only select all groups holding Ctrl, but this is not convinient to select all 15 groups like that all the time. Maybe this feature could be an addition to broadcast plugin’'s functions? Or maybe i can just select to whom send this message (All, online only… mm… Offline only:))


Yeah, I’‘d eventually like to remove the “send message” feature from the default admin console and have a better version that ships with the broadcast plugin. It would give you more options around sending messages and support features like message of the day. If you have some ideas around this, you may want to add them to JM-295 (I see you’'re already watching that issue).



yes, i have voted for MOTD, because it sound like an interesting feature. But this is only a separate feature, so i dont know if i have to put these ideas in there. My request is about some additional functions of broadcast plugin. So, i hope Ryan will read this thread and you dont remove “send message” from AC until he implement these functions in broadcast plugin:)

Who? What? Where? Did I hear my name?

Actually, the broadcast plugin is Matt’'s creation. Of course, with this being open source anyone is welcome to jump right into the code and make changes.

Oops I must go sleep i think Anyway, Ryan, do something!

any progress with this? Maybe a separate JM- issue?