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Access denied

Hi guys, everytime i install a plugin and restart openfire it denies me access to the admin panel with the error invalid password or username, please help

What plugin?

The broadcast plugin

What Openfire version, what Operating System? Is it working ok if you just restart Openfire without installing plugins? How do you install this plugin? If you do not restart right away after installing, is this plugin working for you? Can you install any other plugin and is it work ok after restarting Openfire? Do you have only one administrative user (admin - default one?) or have you added more users to admins?

You can also check error log (openfire/logs) and also check if broadcast folder was created at (openfire/plugins).

im using windows 7 and openfire version 3.8.2. without the plugin it works perfectly fine.

i install the plugin from the available plugin tab. i haven’t tried installing a different plugin.

i only have one admin the default one.

Anything in the errors log?

Also can you check if this folder is created when you install this plugin? C:\Program Files\Openfire\plugins\broadcast?

How do you run Openfire, via launcher (using Run as administrator) or as a service?