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Access Openfire Updates and RSS Via Proxy

We’ve been running Openfire server and Spark clients for some time in our company, and we have recently started running a new proxy server for all of our client machines to connect to the internet through.

Connection to the server from clients is fine and all chat functionailty is working as it should, the problem i am running in to is with the Openfire Server Administration Console. Ever since we implemented the new proxy, the admin console fails to show the rss feed, when new updates are available for openfire, and updates for the various plug-ins we have installed.

This is not a massive problem as it means we just have to check manually for updates when we get time, however i was just wondering if it is possible to enter proxy details anywhere so that this functionality will work again, as it would be beneficial to be informed when new versions of the software are released. Giving the machine full access in and out of the internet (bypassing the proxy) works, but is not an option as it would leave the machine open for attack from outside sources.


you may want to set the Openfire system properties update.proxy.host and update.proxy.port


Thanks for the reply. Where do i actually set these settings?

I’ve gone into system properties but the only options i have in their are for the media proxy, and i dont think this is the right one.

I’m using windows server 2003 and connecting using the web gui