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Access via one AD Group

Every time I do this with the following syntaxt in my openfire.xml file no one is longer to log on. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

I pulled this info from another post which said that the previoous fixed their problem. I wanted to post a new thread on it in case people wouldn’'t respond to an already resolved thread. Thanks


This thread might be of help. To simply things on my end I created a new OU under the base domain name. I called the OU chat. I then created a group inside that OU called Chat_HR. I added everyone I wanted to be able to chat into the chat_hr group.

I changed the user mapping settings to include (objectClass=organizationalPerson)(|(memberOf=cn=chat_hr,ou=chat,dc=XXXXXX,dc=c om) as a user filter. This is found by clicking the ‘‘Advanced Settings’’ link under the Username Field at the top of Step 2 of 3: User Mapping.

What I ended up doing was rather simple in hind sight and it works just fine for putting users into one AD group.