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Access VM Openfire from any network

Background Info: I have a Openfire set up on a virtual machine inside Windows Vista (host). This set up is connected via ethernet to the router to the cable modem. The VM is set to Bridged Mode.

  • Host IP:
  • VM Openfire: — (Openfire’s Admin Console)

I can access .102 from any computer that is directly connected to the router by entering the .102 or localhost:9090 — I also know that the server works within the 192.168.1.X network. I’ve used Spark and Pidgin clients connected to .102 to confirm it.

What am I trying to do? – I want access .102 from any network connected to the internet.

  • Example: My IP is x.x.0.13 and I want to access .102

**What I have tried: **

  • Adding .102 to router’s port forwarding 80 to 80
  • Adding .102 to the DMZ
  • Adding port 80 to Windows Firewall
  • Disabling Windows Firewall completely

Openfire Server is already set on Windows Firewall to “Allow communication with this program from any computer, including those on the Internet or just from computers on your network.”

Maybe I am doing something wrong? – Wrong port forwarding?

  • When adding .102 to the port forwarding or DMZ. I’m assuming I access that by doing .102:8080
  • Also tried, Public IP:8080

I’m not sure if my question is clear. I’m happy to try to clarify it as much as possible. Also, thanks for looking.

This has nothing to do with Openfire, and you probably need to look at your router logs. That said, most ISPs block inbound ‘well known’ ports such as 80, 443, 8080, etc.

That said, you’ll want to be forwarding 5222 and 9091, not 80 or 8080. Should be as easy as just forwarding port 9091 from the external interface of your router to the ip on port 9091.