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Accessing chat server behind a reverse proxy

Has anyone setup openfire such that the client is connecting from the internet and the chatserver is behind a reverse proxy. In our environment we have an apache reverse proxy which is the “chat server” from the client’'s perspective. So the login requests and the subsequesnt chat must pass through the proxy that forwards the traffic to the chat server.

My strategy is to create a virtual server in apache listening on port 5223. A ProxyPass forwards the request to the systran server on port 5223.

ProxyPass / https://:5223

I am sure a lot of people must have done this before. I cannot seem to make it to work. I am using Jeti as the client. I will appreciate any feed back I can get.



Hi Jamal,

Apache is a HTTP server which also support a HTTP proxy mode.

Openfire is an XMPP server.

Both products use TCP/IP as the basis for their protocols but XMPP is not compatible with HTTP. You may use a connection manager if you want to have a XMPP proxy between your server and the internet.