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Accessing child domain with ldap

I have gottten jive installed and running but can’'t get users of any child domains to authenticate using ldap. I have tried changing the ldap port from port 389 to the AD GC of 3268 but just keep getting errors.

xxx.corp.com users can login properly without any problems

us.xxx.corp.com users not functional.

here is my jive-messenger.xml file

Are you talking about OU=US,OU=xxx,DC=corp,DC=com or the actual AD servers themselves?

The top level domain should see the domains underneath it as long as the adminDn that’'s logging in can see it.

Currently the ldap server only connects to one AD server. Any servers on a subdomain will not be access over port 389.

Am I on the right path?


That is correct. If i use ldapsearch I wil lonly see that domain when connecting to port 389. But if I use port 3268 I get all the entries.