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Accessing Jabber Network Outside the Domain

I apologize if this is a pretty basic question, but i am a bit of a newbie to this…

I am running sbs2003 and openfire for our jabber network. Everything works like a dream within the domain. Is there anyway for me to configure the server so that, for example, i could use spark on my home compter and connect to the jabber network?


I don’t know what “sbs2003” is, but this should work without any special configuration inside Openfire.

Can your domain resolved to an IP from your home computer?

Are there any firewalls that could block communication to ports 5222 and 5223 ?

sbs2003 - microsoft small business server 2003

I am able to resolve my domain name to an IP. I am just not able to get my jabber client to connect to the jabber server.

I made sure ports 5222 & 5223 are open and still no luck

It just says- "Could not connect to host "

From your home computer, what do you get if you open a command prompt and do:

telnet yourhost.yourdomain 5222


telnet your_IP_Address 5222


connect to address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: connection refused

unable to connect to remote host

which puzzles me because i did open the ports on my server, unless there is something i missed.

You need to do more than open the ports on the server that hosts openfire to access it from outside the domain.

You need to add it to your external DNS

If your openfire server does not have a real world IP Address you need to set an address translation on your router to the server’s inside address and a real world IP address which is set on your external DNS

You need to open the ports on your firewall/pix/router to allow the data to pass from outside into your domain

“Connection refused” usually implies that there’s nothing listening to that port. Are you sure that your Openfire is running and listening to that port? One of the ways to confirm this is to do telnet localhost 5222 at the server you run Openfire. If you’re sure Openfire is listening to the port, my guess is that your Openfire server is in your LAN and isn’t exposed to the internet via something like NAT.

Exactly what I was saying. It is a port issue of some type related to his network. He should check all the variables listed in my prior post.

Did you setup “port forwarding” on your firewall? Just “opening” the ports is not enough. You need to tell the firewall where to send the traffic inside.