AccountManager create account issue

I have an issue using the accountmanager to create accounts from an android client running smack

using the latest version of smack from maven

The iq from the output is this

<iq to='server' id='2eUg9-5' type='set'>
<query xmlns='jabber:iq:register'>
</iq>   <iq id='2eUg9-3' type='result' to='serveruser/app'>
<query ver='30' xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'>
<item jid='digicel@server' subscription='both' name='digicel'>
<item jid='jamess@server' subscription='both' name='jamess'>
<item jid='name@server' subscription='both' name='name'>
<presence id='2eUg9-4' from='serveruser/app'/>
<presence type='unavailable' to='serveruser/app' from='digicel@server'/>
<presence type='unavailable' to='serveruser/app' from='jamess@server'/>
<presence type='unavailable' to='serveruser/app' from='nove@server'/>
<iq id='2eUg9-5' type='error' to='serveruser/app' from='server'>
<error type='modify'><bad-request xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/><error>

Seeing the corresponding IQ request would be helpful. You should compare it with the requirements from XEP-77, and if it looks like expected, then I would recommend asking the server devs (or looking at the server code) why a bad-request error reply is send.

Should I post the entire output for the request then?

The IQ request looks good. Do you retrieve the fields the server requires you to fill out with AccountManager.getAccountAttributes()?

I will look into that now to see for sure.

Still getting the same Bad request - modify returned from account creation