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Acessar Banco de Dados Openfire

Pessoal boa tarde,
Gostaria de saber como faço para acessar as conversas do openfire via banco de dados,pois minha versão é a 3.10.2, e o plugun monitoring que salva as conversas nao e compativel,sei que posso atualizar,mais atualizando irá começar a salvar a partir daquele momento,e preciso pegar uma conversa urgente no banco.

That’s Monitoring plugin’s database schema https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/blob/master/src/plugins/monitoring/src/database/monitoring_mysql.sql
You can see 4 tables there that contain data.

Is this script just run inside the bank? When I run it will the conversations automatically appear?
but, how can I consult these conversations via the database, what table are the conversations?

This is not a script. This is plugin’s database schema. I’m not sure, but i think conversations are saved in ofConversations table. You can look at conversations with some databse tool i think. Depends on what database are you using.

I am using hsqldb, openfire itself, I do not have the installed plugin, I wanted to know where I can find these conversations in the database, what table they are in, why I looked all over dbvisualizer and I did not find it.

So, do you have Monitoring Service plugin installed? If not, then you won’t find anything. If yes, then look for ofConversations table. You also had to enable saving conversations in plugin’s settings i think.

I did not have the plugin installed, is there a plugin for version 3.10.2?

If you don’t have plugin installed your conversations haven’t been saved. Even if you install it now, you will only save new conversations. I have already uploaded the closest version to 3.10 on the other thread you have asked.