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Actionscript, Javascript, and the Future of Webapps

In this video, Jive Software’s David Smith talks about Actionscript, Javascript, and the future of webapps as they relate to his work on Spark.

Or download the Quicktime version (caution: 69MB file)

what about making sparkweb demo on ignite working at last?

it would be nice to see a posting concerning the development of your next openfire (3.3.3) release.

when looking at your issuetracker you may get the feeling, that there was no development since two months.

so it would be very nice to see a progress report.

i guess the next release (3.3.3) will attract really a LOT of people if you finally get the “apt-get install openfire” thing working or at least a .deb package which works out of the box like your great osx packages!

Dave – we’ve been doing a huge amount of work on Openfire 3.4. Unfortunately, yes, that does make it feel like there’s been slow progress. You should start to see regular releases spit out of the queue soon!

great! thanks for your reply!