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Activation of the missing Signature Hash Algorithms

after update from to
some Signature Hash Algorithms are missing in the SERVER HELLO
How can I activate the missing Signature Hash Algorithms?

Missing in
Signature Algorithm: SHA224 ECDSA (0x0303)
Signature Algorithm: SHA224 RSA (0x0301)
Signature Algorithm: MD5 RSA (0x0101)

New in
Signature Algorithm: SHA256 DSA (0x0402)

thank you

The cyphers that Openfire makes available is primarily based on those that are provided by the JVM that is used to run Openfire. If you changed the version of Java that you’re using, you might see other results.

In Openfire, you can make additional changes to the configuration that’s provided by the JVM. You can do this in the Admin Console:


Click the link that is circled in the screenshot above. On the next page, scroll all the way down, and you’ll see the lists of cyphers that are enabled, and a list of cyphers that are available, but not currently enabled:


thank You very much!

Java version was changed.
Under Client Connections I found the Cipher enabled.

How can I add entries into this one: