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Active Directory 2000 connectivity problem


We have been trying get Wildfire to authenticate with our Active Directory for the last two days with no luck. We are new users to Wildfire IM Server, so we could use as much help as we can get.

Our Wildfire IM Server is running on SUSE 10.1, and our Active Directory Server is running on Windows 2000. We have created Test Users and we can login fine, but we are not able to configure the Wildfire.xml to authenticate with the Active Directory Server.

Here is our wildfire.xml file:

Thanks a lot


Hi Paul,

It looks like you haven’‘t uncommented (i.e. removed the markers) around the ldap section of your config file. With those markers still in place Wildfire won’‘t be able to “see” any changes you’'ve made.

Hope that helps,


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for pointing that out.

I am so sorry that it is a misprint; the “<!–” above “” is actually not there on our wildfire.xml file.

Please let us know if there is any further suggestion.



We had exactly the same problem - it’'s because your “AdminDN” is not explicitly qualified. Try…



Also, you’‘ll probably need to apply filters to the stuff you get back from the LDAP query; if you don’'t, you get all the service accounts and computer accounts! Try this…



And just to wind things up nicely, add the Wildfire LDAP Group provider to the list of providers - then you get the AD groups too!

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Hope this helps!

Cheers, Mark.


We have solved the problem.

is essential[/u] to be uncommented and edited for us.

As soon as we change it to:


Thanks for the help too, Mark. Your information have been very helpful.