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Active Directory 2008 R2 and User Groups

I have a Windows 2008 domain with my LDAP server 2008 R2 Core. We recently replaced the server since it was giving us problems with the same install. A few days after that one of my users dropped out of the user group “Employees”. When I check this user under the Users tab he shows properly in all the AD groups. But he doesn’t appear in the group membership. I’ve restarted the server. I even made changes to the AD group and those changes are reflected almost immediately but he doesn’t appear. Does anyone know how to get him back in? I’ve removed him from the AD group and restored him but that hasn’t helped.



Hello all, I have the same issue. Is there any fix for this?

generally this is caused by an error in the user account. with server 2008 and a modern version of exchange (2007 or 2010) you can easily delete the user and recreate them reattach mailboxes etc.