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Active Directory - Caught a naming exception when creating InitialContext

Hi gang, I’‘m back with another question. Everything has been working very well. We’‘re running Jive with Active Directory integration and using Exodus as the client. We started having a handful of users being unable to log in. I’‘m fairly convinced that they tried to change their passwords (don’'t ask, long story.) I know that with AD integration the user accounts should be read only in Jive, but I suspect that the problem accounts are now corrupt. Is there any way I can “reset” these accounts in Jive? Will I need to reinstall Jive? I hope not as we have everything set up the way we like at this point!

As stated in the subject, this is the error in the Jive debug log that I’'m seeing for these problem accounts:

Caught a naming exception when creating InitialContext

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Is there a full stack trace? Also, how did they attempt to change the password? Through the IM client? Setting the password through the IM client won’'t do anything to the directory at all.



I’‘m just theorizing that they attempted to change the password through the client and I know that shouldn’‘t do anything, but I can’'t figure out what else might have caused this strangeness.

More info: I forgot to mention that I confirmed the users in question cannot log in to Jive through any client on any computer so it’'s not something local to their client installs.

We’‘re actually doing password changes tonight all around so hopefully this will clear things up. I’'ll update this thread either way.

Follow up info

  • Password changes made no difference to these problem users.

  • I installed a new instance of Jive on a different server, got everything set up and then tried the problem users - still can’‘t log in. At least this confirms that it is not a problem with Jive. It’‘s gotta be something about their AD accounts. Tried copying one of their accounts in AD to a new test user and that user can connect just fine. I’'m guessing the problem accounts are corrupt somehow. Will have to delete the AD accounts and recreate after hours. Hate doing that, but hopefully that will fix the problem.

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Problem solved. This is an interesting one and annoying in that I was looking in the wrong place The other IT guy here had gone a little overboard in locking down these problem users and so he had set their accounts in AD so they could only logon to their workstations and no other computer on the LAN. Turns out that configuration doesn’'t allow for XMPP clients to connect to Jive.

Ah well, live and learn. Sorry for the run around