Active Directory Client connections

Thanks to those who helped me get my server authenticating to AD, one more question then I’ll hopefully be all set

My “chat domain” is call schchat but my AD domain is when my users try to log onto the server should they be putting User@schchat,, or

The last example above is what their e-mail address shows up as. Client is Pandion if that makes a difference.

I am not specifically familiar with Pandion but XMPP authentication is based on the JID. So your authentication is based on the name you gave your server. This can be found on the initial page of the web admin (see attachment). Based on my attachment a JID would be You should have given your server a fully qualified domain name for its chat domain. One that exists in your DNS. In an AD environment the chat domain should be the same as the AD Bind name of the server you install it on.