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Active Directory Contact Lists


I have gotten Wildfire/Spark to authenticate with active directory. I have even gotten the contact lists to auto populate. Anyone in the “WildfireUsers” active directory group gets populated on everyone’'s contact list. It works wonderfully, I can add someone to the group, and within a few minutes, everyone has the new contact.

However, when I remove someone from that group, the contact in spark persists. Is this a design feature, or is there a way to force the depopulation of someone from contact lists?


Have you tried going to the WildFire admin console, then to Server -> Cache summary and clearing some of the caches?

I don’'t know what they do specifically, but Group, Group Metadata, Roster and User sound vaguely relevant, and clearing all of those reset the contacts lists I was playing with earlier.

If clearing one of the caches does make the contact vanish, then that would be one way to force it - and presumably, waiting for a bit longer until the caches expire would make the contact vanish eventually anyway.

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Manually clearing the Roster Cache, cleared out the contacts that were removed from the AD Group.


Hi d4rksun;

I would like to receive your help on making my Wildfire instalation autopopulate all Spark Clients. I already have all my users defined on Windows Active Directory and actually everyone is login in perfectly on Wildfire. Now, What procedure do I have to follow to make all this clients have all AD defined users auto added on their lists???

I Hope You may help me…

Yike - got my out-of-office auto-reply email posted here!

Anyway, tmuyale - go to the Wildfire Admin, and into the user/group configuration, then find the group you are interested in and click on it.

You can’‘t edit the members, but there is an option you can tick to say “all members in this group are on the contact list for all other members in this group” (I can’'t remember the exact wording).

You can also say “All members of this group are on the contact list for the following groups: …” and fill in some other group names as well, I think.

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