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Active Directory Feature Request

Can you please make a way to tell OpenFire to refresh its Active Directory information, other than having to start and stop the server? When I make changes, like adding or removing a user in an Active Directory group, it would be great if OpenFire could detect that after a certain amount of time, but hey even if that’s not possible, I should be able to go into the admin console and say refresh. Maybe I could even refresh just that group. And when that group is refreshed, it should push out to Spark immediately. It would be nice if there was more control over pushed users/groups in Spark as well, such as forcing them to be refreshed for everyone.

I second this feature request

Firstly, I do not say this to be contrary.

My openfire does autopudate based on the replication time of my AD. All features of AD are based on this, account replication between servers, info changes, exchange account creation. My guess is this is more an AD issue than an Openfire issue. That being said I have requested the manual refresh button a year ago.

This will not help with Spark. Spark is the initiator of the pull of changes to users and rosters. This is not done as a push by the server.

So if I go into server properties and change the vcard infor or the ldap.namefield property, it shoudl auto update without the openfire app being restarted?

Basically any change to the ofProperty table that I have had to make has resulted in me needing to restart the app.

That being said, changes made within the structure of AD (IE adding new groups or new members to those groups etc.) do auto replicate after a given amout of time based on the replication rate of my AD servers.